What to do on a rainy day


Rain is very common in the UK, especially during the autumn season. Whether you need to change your plans or looking for some new ideas. We got you covered. 

Get cozy, watch a movie and grab some snacks: A rainy day is kind of perfect to take a step back and relax. Put on your pajamas, have a cup of tea or any other prefered hot drinks and watch a movie/show with some snacks. 

Food hopping: Rainy day? No problem! Go to one of the indoor food markets to grab a bite or visit one of the restaurants/cafe’s and explore new food options. 

Museums: Visit one of the museums UK has to offer. Whether you like art, music or science there is something for everyone. 

West end show: Grab some tickets to watch some amazing performances while staying dry. Buy them on the day for a cheaper price. 

Shopping: Visit a Westfield Mall which is indoors. Perfect for when you feel like shopping, but don’t feel like going out in the rain. 

Have a pint: Visit a proper British pub and its cozy and charming features.

Books: Explore some new reading options in a bookstore. Hearing the sound of the rain on the background, while exploring your newest reads can feel like a typical autumnal day.

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