Virtual Events


You want to try something new? If not now when would be a better time? I think, we all can agree – these times are not easy but we should try and make the best out of it. These challenging times are making everybody feeling a bit down, especially when the weather is moody and grey – but you know what? We got the perfect solution to bring you some fun and something new to do! And we’ll bring it right to you! You want to know how that is possible with 2 meter distance? It’s easy – we will meet up virtually! If you’re imagining another boring zoom meeting which is taking way longer than you thought – this one will be different and you will have so much fun! You’re probably asking yourself right now what this is all about but we’re just so excited about our virtual workshops that we could ramble on forever – but we’re going to properly explain it to you: Did you always want to make your own teddy bear? Or did you always want to custom design your own T-shirt? Maybe learn a new cooking or baking skill? Participate in a drinks tasting class? We can make all of this possible! With our virtual events you got the opportunity to experience something new and make new memories (even in these times) – you can play with us, learn new crafts, cook and bake or do some sports – we got a workshop for everyone! And I know, just by yourself it might be a bit boring but that’s why we offer the virtual events for groups! It doesn’t matter if it’s your group of besties, colleagues, family or just yourself – just join the event and you’re going to have a lot of fun with new people! After you have decided which of the workshop you like the most we take care of the rest! You don’t have to take care of anything else like getting all the ingredients and materials – we will bring everything you need straight to your front door! The event leader will guide you through the event and will answer all of your questions and will make sure the workshop is an unforgettable experience for you! That sound all exciting to you but you don’t even know us properly yet? Okay, let us introduce ourselves: we are event planners and while at the moment we mostly do virtual events we are famous for our outstanding street food markets!

At our street food markets we can provide the finest street food dishes from all over the world. Regardless of whether you prefer delicious Italian pasta or you’re a lover of mouth-watering Asian noodles, Urban Food Fest can organise all types of tasty street food. From steak wraps to vegan burgers, there’s nothing you cannot find at a our street food market! Especially our famous Shoreditch street food market on Saturdays always promises a good time. The Urban Food Fest street food and bar market is open after lockdown every Saturday @ Euro Car Parks 162-167 Shoreditch High Street, Shoreditch, London, E1 6HU from midday to midnight, with free entry for everyone. If you fancy a drink alongside your delicious street food there’s nothing Urban Food Fest can’t help you out with – because on our Saturday market we do not only serve street food. We also run a bar and provide our guests with craft beers, exclusive Urban cocktails, ciders, international wines, shots, soft drinks and much more. Urban Food Fest runs multiple street food markets all over London to upgrade your lunch time. Check out our latest Instagram posts to find out when we’ll be near you. Come down with your colleagues, friend or family to enjoy some delicious street food served with an amazing time at our markets – some of them are even opened during lockdown!

Additionally Urban Food Fest supplies every street food market with beautiful vintage Furniture. We like to create fun seating and chill-out zones at our street food markets for our guests to not only get some well-deserved time out but also to encourage them to engage with one another and get to know new people. 

But you don’t always have to go to your local street food market to enjoy the different tastes from all over the world. With Urban Food Fest you can hire our street food trucks, stalls, bars and even vintage furniture for your event and we can bring everything directly to you! So if you want to host a birthday party, wedding or any other event in the future, we – here at Urban Food Fest –  got you covered. No matter if it’s private or corporate, events are always great fun but also involve a lot of planning. So it’s definitely best to have it all sorted out as early as possible. Urban Food Fest wants to make sure you don’t let anything slip through the net and end up finding yourself stressing last minute. No matter if you’re planning a wedding or a birthday party or if you want to serve street food at a corporate event, our events team is more than happy to help you organise your dream event.

But as long live events are not possible – we can meet up in our virtual events online! So just check out the virtual events page on our website and be sure to reach out and email us at , call the Urban Food Fest events team on 020 7563 3021 or DM us on Instagram at @urbanfoodfest! Looking forward to speaking to you!

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