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Nowadays literally everything is online – online banking, online dating, online working – but have you ever done a online virtual event? That may sound a bit unusual – but we’re telling you: we’re going to create a new trend with our virtual events! You don’t have a clue what a virtual event is supposed to be? First of all: it’s all about FUN! But let me be more specific: We offer about lots of different events which are all unique in various categories. You want to do some online sports? No problem – just join our online yoga class – and if you prefer other sport classes? No problem we got plenty of interactive games and sport classes! You don’t like sport that much and rather want to be creative? Perfect! Just join our ,,paint a mug’’ or ,,design your own T-shirt’’ workshop – or one of our other creative workshops! Or you just want to have some fun with your colleagues, family and friends? Then join our online karaoke event or our cocktail mixing class. We promise you all will have a lot of fun and we’re sure after this you will love our online events! Of course you can do the online courses and workshops by yourself and will meet a lot of new people – or you book a online event just for your family, friends and colleagues! We from Urban Food Fest will send you a kit with all necessary ingredients and materials you will need for the event – you just have to bring yourself and be in a good mood! To a scheduled time we will then meet up online! The event leader will guide you and all the other participants of the virtual event and I promise you – we will have lots of fun! And after lockdown we will hopefully meet on one of our legendary street food markets! If you’re up to discover something new then make sure to visit our street food markets in London! We offer street food from all over the world! There’s honestly nothing you can’t find at an Urban Food Fest street food market. A cuisine that is getting more and more popular at the moment is the Greek one at our street food markets. No one can really say no to a tasty pita wrap filled with succulent meat, chilli fries, lettuce, onions, tomatoes and tzatziki dressing. As you can tell our street food is absolutely delicious! Of course we can’t forget about all of the different Asian street food options. With tasty bao buns and delicious dumplings, Chinese street food offers the most amazing homemade dishes. Traditional Singaporean cuisine is also proving to be another popular option in the street food scene. It’s all about mouth-watering meat, rich sauces and fresh vegetables. We make sure to work together with the best traders for our street food markets in order to guarantee the best street food experience. If you fancy a warming curry or a delicious tikka chicken wrap, there’s nothing you can’t find at our street food markets. If you’d rather have tender steak and chips, you can be more than sure that we’ll have an Argentinian food stall at our street food markets serving up some delicious Argentinian beef. If one, or more, of those street food dishes sound good to you, you should definitely come down to one of our street food markets. And most importantly – If you need a little pick-me-up during the week, come to one of our many lunchtime street food markets all across London, check out our Instagram page for more details! Our street food markets are also famous for providing extraordinary vintage furniture to ensure that you have the best possible experience while enjoying your street food! The beautiful vintage furniture makes our vintage markets a special experience. The fun seating areas and the vintage chill-out zones at our markets are not purely a way to get some rest but at the same time it creates a space to meet new people. Giant Jenga and other fun games and activities can be found at our street food markets as well and will make your experience extra special.

Side note: our vintage furniture can be hired for private events. Check out our gallery and other blog posts about that!

If you are interested in joining a virtual event or hire our vintage furniture – just contact us by phone on 020 756 330 21 or email in to
We look forward to hearing from you!

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