How to save your Christmas this year

Are you worried about your Christmas this year? Understandable, but don’t worry anymore, because we from Urban Food Fest got your back! Urban Food Fest does not only operate a high-end street food markets, we also offer our festive vintage furniture and our vintage street food trucks for hire! You can hire our vintage street food truck with or without street food. At Urban Food Fest we love to plan a good street food party with vintage furniture, and especially a festive occasion by offering vintage furniture, festive decorations, festive drinks and not to mention the tastiest christmasy street food. Street Food is taking over the world and this means better, more exciting, global street food for everyone, especially at our Christmas street food markets. At Urban Food Fest we can help you plan the perfect Christmas Street Food Party from the street food to the music to the entertainment for your own Christmas street food event . And whether it’s a corporate or private affair, we can make it happen. Just make sure to hire our festive vintage furniture. We can help with all your audio/visual needs for presentations and awards, create a bespoke lighting set-up and make sure you have the best musical performers at your Christmas street food event in the business to get everyone on the dance floor – and away from the vintage furniture! 



Our vintage furniture looks lovely, doesn’t it? Make sure to hire our vintage furniture in order to experience the best possible Christmas street food event – a Christmas street food event that no one is going to forget! Come by at our Christmas street food markets this year and convince yourself! Grab a hot drink and some freshly-made street food and take a look/seat at our wonderful vintage furniture. talk to our staff at our street food markets or speak to us over the phone in order to organise the most splendid and unforgettable Christmas street food event! If you’re not convinced yet, make sure to grab some delicious street food at our street food markets and take a look at our vintage furniture that can be hired for private street food events or other events as well. We have a curated selection of the best street food trucks and stalls in the country to provide delicious christmasy street food for your party and create a unique vintage style look with our colourful retro street food trucks and our vintage furniture. Our street food chefs can work with you to create a bespoke street food menu that has a variety of meat and vegetarian street food options. We can also provide empty vintage street food trucks to use for decoration or to be branded with your company identity. 

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