Hello 2021, let us introduce ourselves!


I think we can all agree that 2020 wasn’t be the best year to travel but we will promise you, with us you can travel 2021 around the culinary world! Your travel can go through Greek, Singaporean or even Indian food and we are sure you will have a good souvenir from it like a filled belly! We are Urban Food Fest and we stand for good Food and Drinks but beside this, we will offer you a fun time, good music and and probably the addiction to our events! 

But you don’t know us yet and still don’t know what’s going to expect you? Let us introduce us quick: We from Urban Food Fest engage street food traders serving street food dishes from all around the world in order to create best experience on the weekends for you! That basically means that there is any street food dish at our street food markets on the weekends you could possibly imagine! From Singaporean street food to African or Indian street food, we promise you’ll expand your culinary delights in terms of street food! There’s honestly nothing you can’t find at an Urban Food Fest street food market. You are indeed spoilt for choice at our street food markets! As you can see, our Street Food Market serves every craving for Street Food that you could possibly think of, and much more! We can assure you that you’ll discover so many new street food dishes you’ve never seen before on our Street Food Market. You will be impressed by the variety of London that you will find on our Street Food Market. The best part of it: our street food is always freshly-made in front of your eyes by the best street food traders! As a matter of course, we also offer the best drinks and sweet treats at our street food markets!  Even if you have been already on a different Street Food Market, we can assure you, no one is like ours! You will explore every weekend different food from different parts of the world and you will be surprise what various kind of food will be there!

To get comfy you have the possibility to sit down on our vintage furniture like comfy coach or special chairs which will by the way  look good at pictures! And we telling you after you will sit down you don’t won’t to go anymore! And to make your stay even better we got live musician who will give you some music! To prevent that you will get thirsty we offer you if drinks as well at our Street Food Market in London. And when I say drinks I don’t mean the regular drinks you can get at the corner shop, we offer drinks from exclusive brands we collaborate with! You will maybe don’t know the brand but after trying it once you will never forget them!

You won’t find this kind of vibe and fun anywhere in London! You want more of it? Even that is possible! You can hire our Street food trucks for your events! Just let me tell you how to organise the best possible private event EVER! We from Urban Food Fest do not only operate high-end street food markets, we offer vintage street food trucks and vintage furniture for private occasions for hire as well! The past of it: you can hire our street food from our street food trucks as well! You don’t even have to abstain from our tasty street food. You can have any street food dish from every street food trader that we have! And you can also leave it up to us to decorate your venue, whether it be a themed event, or if you’re keeping it classy, we have vintage furniture, crockery, table decorations, bunting, lighting and signage boards to name just a few. And if you need any staff guess what? You can ask us too! It’s a pleasure for us to create the perfect event for you!

Our street food trucks are available to dry hire empty (without street food) or branded and wrapped for private events, corporate events launches, brand activations and promotional events across the UK.

As you can you have many possibilities to get some of the Urban Food Fest Vibe and we will always love to find a way to get together!

If you want to be a part of our Events but not as guest more than a happy food trader you have the chance as well! Just contact us and you can hire a empty truck to sell your delicious dishes! Or you just need an empty Street food truck for your own event? That’s possible as well!

So we looking so much forward to having you on our Street Food Market, and we will assure you will have a good time and a filled belly!


Online Virtual Events

Looking for an amazing virtual event to run with your family, friends or team this Year? You’re in the right place! 

There is no doubt that come-togethers in the beginning of 2021 are going to look a little different than in previous years, as COVID-19 makes virtual Online events the preferred option for many people and companies. But fear not, there are lots of great virtual  activities available that will add plenty of, laughs, and social interaction to you!.

If you would prefer to hold off on the festivities and kick off 2021 with a high energy, high impact virtual team building event that will get your team firing on all cylinders, take a look at our Virtual events!

A virtual Online event doesn’t have to be a boring Online event!

Having run virtual team building activities throughout the UK and internationally since March, we have plenty of experience when it comes to knowing what works, and what doesn’t.

These virtual Fun events are the perfect way to get your team into a good mood!

We have a huge choice of amazing Fun and interactive themed virtual events for you to choose from and we are here to help make your 2021 work social one to remember.  Will you choose to get your team mixing up some cocktails with our Virtual Cocktail Making event, or get competitive with our high energy quizAlternatively, why not cook your own  meal under the guidance of a professional chef during our Cooking classesWhatever your tastes, there is something for everyone.

As well as being great team activities, all of these virtual Online events are also perfect for entertaining clients this Year.

We will deliver all of the necessary ingredients direct to participants in advance of the activity.  On the day, your very own professional Event-leader will be on hand throughout the event to answer any questions the participants may have and to share plenty of tips and tricks. For example you can join our ,,Build A Bear’’- workshop, a more relaxed format where participants can focus on making and decorating their cute, handmade teddy-bears. There is no competitive element to this format and the entire group would remain on the same video call for the duration of the activity.  At the end of the event, each participant will have created one handmade teddy-bear which they can enjoy.

All activities are run remotely using a video conferencing package such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams.  This allows participants located across the country to take part in a fun and engaging team activity with their colleagues, Friends and Families without leaving their homes. Each event is hosted live from start to finish by a professional event-leader to ensure everyone has a great time.

In advance of your activity, each participant will be sent an ‘event parcelcontaining all of the ingredients required for the activity and equipment list. Participants will need to provide some basic kitchen equipment (bowls, forks, spoons, etc).

We will also provide the organiser with an ‘event informationdocument prior to the activity which they can forward to all those taking part.  This document will include a short description of the activity, the confirmed timings, access details for your video call, and the name and contact number for your event manager.


Urban Food Fest Events

Are you loving our Street Food Market? And are you looking for someone who organise a event for your company or your Team or even a family Event like your own Wedding? Congratulations, you just found the best place if you looking for a never-forgetting and special Events!

We deliver amazing Street Food from all over the World to your place – wherever it is in London or across the UK!

Our street food trucks are available to dry hire empty (without street food) or branded and wrapped for private events, corporate events, launches, brand activations and promotional events across the UK. We have created bespoke branded trucks for brands including McCain, Virgin, Aer Lingus and Fox – and maybe soon yours!

If you still not sure and not into street food yetlet us tell you a good reason: street food is its endless variety. Whether you want to treat your guests with some delicious Asian noodles or some mouth-watering burgers there’s nothing you can’t find in a street food truck. Other than that is the fact that street food is also served fresh – so none of your guests can complain about cold food! Even your vegetarian guest, colleagues or family member  will be very happy about the choice of street food for your  party. As all street food dishes can be easily personalised for each of your guests, everyone will be pleased. But not only your guests should be happy about the choice – as street food catering is very budget friendly you should be more than happy to save some money and still treat your employees to a much deserved unique event!

To make your event even more special and beside amazing food a good place to stay as well Urban Food Fest likes to create fun seating and chill-out zones for your event by providing the most beautiful pieces of vintage furniture. The beautiful furniture adds a vintage touch to all of our events which makes your event even more special. By adding your favourite vintage furniture items to your event, you can benefit from our beautiful collection and create an unforgettable experience for your guests -and the furniture looks good on photos as well!

So we got food and furniture… but somethings missing! What is a good party without something to drink!? And believe it or  not -we got you here as well! And like literately everything we offer are our drinks specially as well too! If you just like some amazing Softdrinks and Beers or a whole bar where we will create you extraordinary cocktails – it’s on you! We will do everything to create a event of your wish, of which your guest will still talk weeks later!


Online Virtual Events

After a year like 2020, we’re all looking for bigger and better things in 2021. Maybe your new year’s resolution is to get more crafty, become a better cooker, or declutter your life. No matter what you’re hoping to achieve in the new year, we’ve got events that can help you practice the kind of fun and self-improvement we all could use right now.

If you’re finding daily life more stressful of late, or you’re struggling to maintain a regular workout routine, you’re not alone. Why not try building new workout and wellness routines online? Whether it’s a guided meditation, yoga class, or virtual Sport class you’re after, with these online events, staying in good physical and mental shape is as easy as staying home.

Being stuck at home means that you have more time to learn a new skill, polish old ones,or start a project you might finally be able to finish. Staying at home doesn’t mean pressing pause on your cultural life. The digital airwaves are buzzing with activity as many event creators move their events online and find ingenious ways to do what they do best. While the world is your sofa when it comes to online events, we’ve created this collection to make it easier for you to find the top event – fitness sessions, craft classes, karaoke evenings and everything in between. Join some online virtual events and get to work developing new skills and hobbies that will stay with you forever. You might even find a sense of community online, too.

Online events are virtual and highly interactive, where people come together to learn and be entertained on the web. Find an online training course to learn new skills and earn certifications. Stay connected through live streams of your favorite music, games, sports, or news. Register for a webinar to hear from those in your industry or your community. Attend a virtual fitness class with a live instructor. No matter what you’re looking for there’s a virtual event that’s just right for you.

For example we would love you welcome you in our cooking and cocktail making virtual event! Spice up your kitchen with these online cooking and learn new amazing cocktails! Whether you want to make pasta from scratch or perfectly extraordinary cocktail, we’ve got all the ingredients you need for an epic epicurean experience!

And are you struggling to entertain your children while trying to work from home? We offer plenty of online classes for kids as well and fun activities to help keep the kids busy like puzzle workshops or build a teddy bear!

Stay home and learn new skills, participate in group activities and get some exercise without ever stepping foot outside. We’ve rounded up the best online events that you can join from anywhere, as long as there’s Wi-Fi.

Register for one of these hand-picked virtual events and start your journey to doing well in the new year.


New Year, New Me, New Street Food Events!

This Year had maybe some starting problems, but as soon our markets will reopen, our food will fix this!

If ,,tasting food from all over the world’’ is on your bucket list for 2021 – come to us and we make this point complete! 

Cuisines from all over the world come together to bring London some of the finest street food around. There’s Asian; vegan; Indian; British; sweet; vegetarian; Jamaican – what more could you want? Bao Buns? Dumplings? Gyoza? You never tried this before? You will find this kind of special food at our markets and after trying this one time, you will never forget it! You just need good mood and a empty bellybecause I’m already tell you, when you see selection of our Street food, you wish you could try everything! But don’t worry, we are there for you every week and If you need a little pick-me-up during the week, come to one of our many lunchtime markets all across London, check out our Instagram page for more details! Just Feel free to try out our Street Food from one of many many stalls that we have, take a seat on our extraordinary vintage furniture and enjoy your Street Food in the Heart of London! 

And do you already planning events in the upcoming year for the family, the company or friends? Does it already stressing you? We know, it can be very stressful, to organise a event, which which everyone will like it and making everyone happy but in the same time being special and a day no one forget. But we got covered! That’s what we doing the best! Creating a Atmosphere everyone just feels comfy and love to be there – and of course getting delicious food. If you not sure if street Food will suit your event, we can assure you – everyone will love it!

Not only is street food totally on trend at the moment, it’s variety is also endless. Whether you’re a lover of vegetarian halloumi wraps or a juicy burger, there’s nothing you can’t find when it comes to street food. As it’s always prepared freshly, there’s also no easier way to personalize your guests dishes. Even if you don’t go for a vegetarian trader you won’t have to worry about upset vegetarian guests. Nearly every street food dish can easily be made veggie by just cutting out the meat or even replacing it with another vegetarian option

You can tell us which kind of food you prefer and we will get you the best food trader for your event! All of our food trader absolutely love the Street Food Concept as well and always having a smile at their face!

Not only will your guests love the personalized street food but will also appreciate a quirky food truck. Do you want just the truck without Street Food? That’s alright as well! Our Tricks are absolve for dry hire empty, means without Street Food! If that’s not the only eye catcher you want for your event, we’re also more than happy to provide your  party with some beautiful vintage furniture. Our vintage furniture collection includes beautiful vintage chairs, tables, benches and much more. Especially our cosy vintage armchairs, outstanding Ludlow chairs, antique suitcases and colourful plant pots bring a very special touch to every event. 

So if you think you already have an event in mind for 2020, don’t hesitate to contact the Urban Food Fest team via email at events@urbanfoodfest.com or give us a ring on 02075633021. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!


Online Events

The show must go on! Many of our favorite  activities will look a little different this year – including these fun events, concerts, and shows that will offer online viewing instead of in-person attendance.

But that doesn’t mean fun is out of the question. In fact, it’s more essential than ever to stay connected with your colleagues, friends and family and having fun this year. You just may need to adapt to the times this year with our virtual event ideas.

But our  private or corporate event is a fun, riveting and creative experience that will leave everyone with a smile on their face. 

Our Online virtual events has been wildly successful for a wide variety of different types of events including social events and corporate events and is the perfect solution to host a virtual party for your company or your friends and family.

We’re able to host you and your family, friends or team virtually and deliver supplies across the whole UK! The prefect blend of creativity and conversation to help your team connect, unwind or celebrate a big win. Best of all, they require no artistic experience, we provide everything you need, delivered directly to your door. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised at who the Picasso’s of your group really are.

One great virtual party idea is, of course, the virtual mindful sketching!

You can sketch  anything you want, but the idea is that you impress your feeling and enjoying it! Or if you want something more interactive, you can make a virtual karaoke Party! 

We footnoted deliver you all the ingredients you need and a instructions led by one of our experienced event-leader. All materials & supplies you needed.  (canvas, paint, aprons, brushes etc.) A ton of fun exploring your creative side. A one-of-a-kindcreated by yourself!

While a virtual holiday party may lack some of the connection of an in-person event, if done correctly it can still create a fun and memorable experience for your event guests.

A virtual  party for your friends, family or maybe your remote team is one way to show them that we are all in this together and to remind people of the fun and Community we have!

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