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Autumn is here, bringing with it cold breezes, golden leaves and the tempting attraction of warm comfort foods, like a warm embrace from a dear friend. Autumn is the ideal time to savour comforting cuisine that will make you feel cosy and content, and at Urban Food Fest, we believe in honouring the changing seasons via food. We’ll take you on a delectable tour of some of our favourite warm comfort dishes.


















Nothing beats having a good bowl of soup in your hands for these days when the temperature drops. There is a soup for every appetite, whether you’re a big fan of tomato soup or want to warm up with a chicken noodle soup. As the colour of the leaves changes and the air becomes crisp, soup will warm up your body and soul. 

Grilled cheese sandwich

Imagine that crunchy first bite you take of a grilled cheese sandwich and the ooey,gooey cheese that comes with it….yumm. Nothing beats a nice and warm crunchy grilled cheese sandwich made out of a combination of cheeses. Add a unique touch like caramelised onions, avocado and chicken to top it off. It’s even perfect to combine it with a warm soup.


Add a pie to your list of comfort food as the hot air from the oven reflects on the crunchy crust of the pie, followed by the delicious and rich filling of your choice. Don’t be afraid to try with unusual pairings like salted caramel pear, sweet potato, and pecan. You can also make savoury pot pies with fillings like chicken, mushrooms, and leeks. Pies are the definition of comfort food from scratch, ideal for sharing with loved ones.

Bangers and mash

The traditional British comfort food, bangers and mash, originates from across the pond. The “bangers” are sausages served with thick onion sauce and creamy mashed potatoes. An exquisite joy is the contrast of tasty sausages and silky, buttery potatoes, all covered in delectable gravy. It’s the kind of dinner that soothes the stomach and the soul.

Sweet dessert

Without a sweet conclusion, no trip of comfort food is complete. Desserts have a special way of adding a touch of sweetness, whether it’s a warm slice of apple pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, a rich chocolate mousse or a hefty slice of bread pudding. They are the ideal indulgence to have when you want to sate your sweet tooth and calm your soul.

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