Can’t wait for Christmas markets to re-open? Us neither!

Admit it, you love Christmas markets and you love street food – Urban Food Fest has combined the best of both markets in order to create a unique Christmas street food market for you! You might already know that we operate the best possible street food markets across London and the UK. You will be fascinated of the festive street food dishes that we offer at our Christmas street food market, that’s for sure! Not to mention our extraordinary Christmasy decorations that you’ll never see at any Christmas street food market – that’s for sure! If you want to try something different and still get into that festive Christmas spirit, we suggest you come down to one of our Christmas street food markets. Our street food traders always offer the most delicious street food from all over the world. Even on Christmas.



Our Christmas street food markets are for everyone, for families, couples, friends – truly for everyone who loves a festive spirit and some street food. That’s why you cannot miss our street food markets at any circumstances as you can find everything from mouth-watering chocolate panettone to delicious turkey pizza and much much more street food. If this sounds good to you, you’ll definitely have to come to one of our Christmas street food markets! Make sure to grab your loved ones and come by at our Christmas street food markets in order to try some special Christmas street food. Then get a well-deserved sweet treat at our street food market and take a seat on our beautiful vintage furniture. If you plan your very own private Christmas party, then make sure to hire our vintage furniture or our vintage street food trucks. 




We have far more images from previous Christmas street food markets, but we want you to be surprised when you arrive with your loved ones to grab some Christmas street food. The best part of our Christmas street food markets: we offer vintage furniture for our seating areas in order to create more festive vibes! We want you to feel good by offering our festive vintage furniture while enjoying some quality time at our Christmas street food markets. So what are you waiting for? Grab your loved one’s and come by at our Christmas street food markets in order to feel real festive spirits! Still not convinced yet? Then make sure to come by at our street food markets and take the risk to fall for our vintage furniture! Hire our vintage furniture as we offer vintage bars, vintage tables, vintage armchairs, vintage street food trucks and much much more vintage furniture. If you want to try something different, then taste our delicious street food at our street food markets and tale a seat on our extraordinary vintage furniture in order to have the best Christmas street food experience as possible! 


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