Time Out Manchester

Time Out Manchester

Every Saturday night, a car park on the corner of Deansgate becomes a hot venue for great street food, pop up bars and live music.

Each week there are 15 different street food trucks and stalls serving gourmet global street food dishes, a premium bar and cocktail bar, seating, plus live music.

The Urban Food Fest street food dishes will include: British pulled pork sliders, Venezuelan grilled chicken & black bean arepas, Italian ham & basil wood fired pizza, Mexican BBQ beef & hot sauce burritos, Middle Eastern falafel wraps, Spanish chorizo & chicken paella, chipotle chilli venison & slaw, tofu hot dogs with jalapeños & melted red cheese, Peruvian choripán with chimichurri and Greek lamb souvlaki with halloumi & charred red pepper. Desserts will include: American red velvet cupcakes, Swiss triple chocolate & raspberry brownies, French crêpes with peach cream & banana and Dutch poffertjes (fluffy pancakes), alongside craft beers, unique ales, cider, specialist Fever Tree cocktails, wine, prosecco, spirits and soft drinks.

Watch out for themed nights too – it’ll be a different experience each time you go!
From this weekend, each Saturday evening will see a small car park on a corner of Deansgate transform into a street food fest, with live music and a changing selection of delicious meals read review. 15 different trucks and stalls will be serving gourmet global street food dishes, and there’ll be a premium bar and cocktail bar too. See you there!

Time Out Manchester