The Space Station

The Space Station

The Urban Food Fest, held every Saturday evening in Shoreditch, is proving to be a roaring success.

That’s according to the latest review from, wherein reviewer Charlotte Elmore revealed that the event really is living up to its hype.

Created to highlight the great street food on offer in the UK, the fest offers not only myriad types of cuisine, but also a varied selection of drinks – plus live entertainment from DJs; lining Shoreditch’s high street with eclectic sights, sounds and smells.

Elmore claims that this all adds to the event’s “vibrant feel” and makes it much more exciting than a regular street market. After attending the last pop-up Fest, she said: “It’s easy to see why there is so much fuss surrounding street food these days.

“Within two hours, I’d greedily sampled tasty Peruvian chicken skewers, tangy currywurst from and a Chinese duck crepe bursting with flavour.”

Aside from the selection of food, Elmore found the community spirit the most exciting aspect of the Food Fest – alongside the fact that visitors to the Fest know they’re taking part in something that won’t always be around, an aspect she finds “thrilling”.

She isn’t the only person to have enjoyed the Fest, with also commenting on the event’s “buoyant” atmosphere.