Gelati For Breakfast

Gelati for Breakfast

Events such as this are one of my favourite things — a perfect excuse to try a variety of delicious food you wouldn’t normally come across, always in the most happy of atmospheres and often with your most adventurous friends. The Urban Food Fest certainly did not disappoint. Upon arrival we were greeted by a small sea of colourful tents, a musician providing ambient background music amid the hum of pleasant chit chat and an urban background of typically Shoreditch buildings.

The first stall at the entrance sold macaroons — a very good omen. Flavours ranged from blueberry to butter popcorn to PB&J (by the way, the PB&J was superb). We spent a good five minutes at this stall, my camera just loving the pastel-coloured display as we attempted to decide which we would purchase after we filled ourselves with dinner. We made an excessively slow circuit of the festival, ooh-ing and aah-ing over the many options available and constantly repeating: “oh, I think I’ll have that. Or maybe that”. Indian, Peruvian, Mexican and German cuisine was all spoken for, along with more speciality items such as Scotch Eggs, Chinese crepes, Jerk Chicken, burgers and wood-fired pizza. Between us we sampled items from about half the stalls and it was all outstanding. I settled on a duck Chinese crepe followed by a serving of sweet potato fries and of course, a dessert of macaroons. I hear this festival is going to become a regular thing — and I am sure to be a regular at it.