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How to make your insta-feed look amazing (and delicious)

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Nowadays food isn’t just about the taste! In these modern times of Instagram and Pinterest it’s never been more important for food to look good (especially on our insta-feed). Our traders always make sure their food doesn’t only taste great but also looks absolutely delicious, an Urban Food Fest street food market is the perfect […]

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Quality Herefordshire cider

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If you ever came across a bottle of Celtic Marches cider you’ll most likely remember them for their quirky packaging. The strong bold female branding stands out from the norm. But not only do the Celtic Marches bottles look fabulous, their cider also tastes extraordinary. The authentic quality Herefordshire cider is produced on the Celtic Marches […]

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Taste around the world

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Sure, we all love fish and chips or a delicious hearty pie. But from time to time you have to get out of your comfort zone and try something besides the classic, comforting British cuisine. And the easiest and best way to try real authentic food from different countries is a street food market. We […]

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Meet the winner of the World Beer Awards 2017

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Urban Food Fest is very excited to partner with the winner of the World Beer Awards 2017. If you have ever tried a Vedett you’d know that they deserve that title every single year. And if you haven’t it’s about time you did!  The Belgian beer brand Vedett comes in four different tastes. To prove […]

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Get your 2020 events organized

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With the new year starting, everyone’s already planning birthday parties, company anniversaries and even Christmas parties for the upcoming year. Especially in terms of planning an event, it’s always the earlier the better. So if one of your new year resolutions is to be more organised, here at Urban Food Fest we’ve got you covered. […]

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The healthiest street food options for the upcoming year

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With the new year starting, everyone’s coming up with new year resolutions. For most of us getting healthier or maybe even going vegan or vegetarian for a while might be on top of that list. But while it’s easy maintaining a healthy diet at home, it’s the times that we’re eating out that we’re tempted […]

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How to plan your kids’ birthday party with Urban Food Fest

How to plan your kids’ birthday party with Urban Food Fest

With the new year starting, it’s also time to start planning your kids birthday parties for 2020. No matter if you want to impress as the best auntie or just want to throw a super special summer camping party for your daughter, we at Urban Food Fest  have got you covered on how to organize […]

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Hire our vintage furniture for your wedding!

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Already got your perfect wedding location and the caterer booked? Great! There’s only one thing missing to make your wedding stand out from others. Urban Food Fest has a beautiful collection of vintage furniture. And the best thing is: you can hire it for your wedding. The beautiful furniture adds a vintage touch to each […]

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Street food goes vegan

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It’s no secret that the vegan trend is on the rise. With 3.5 million vegans in the UK it’s no surprise that the street food scene has started to offer more and more plant-based options. But vegan or vegetarian street food doesn’t have to be just meat-free burgers or grilled vegetables. As the variety of […]

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Get ready for your next office party!

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With Christmas coming up, everyone wants to get their office party ready. This year why not serving some delicious and totally insta-worthy street food to make your event the talk of the town. But office parties are not only for Christmas. Even though we at Urban Food Fest don’t need a reason to celebrate we […]

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